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Attachment can become toxic if you rely too much on others to satisfy emotional needs.

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Autistic individuals often like things to be the same, familiar.

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The item in question usually provides a sense of comfort and security in that it is familiar and belongs to the child. Texas horror fans can be proud that the king of all slasher flicks was filmed right here in the Lone Star State.

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Final rules are issued to implement MHPAEA - effective for most policies and plans in 2015.

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Rinehart Review Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders 2 , 222-242 ( 2015) Cite this article 18k Accesses 24 Citations 2 Altmetric.

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Autism is 3 times more likely effect boys / men than girls / women.


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A is a pediatric oncologist and chief medical officer at his local hospital.

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